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Ortus Energy has delivered a 1.125MWp system at Iceland Foods’ headquarters at Deeside.

Iceland Stores are recognised one of Britain’s fastest-growing and most innovative retailers, and as one of the best companies to work for in the UK.  Iceland is also known for its positive stand on corporate responsibility and its decisive actions on sustainability.

The solar panels are forecast to deliver 962 MWh of electricity each year, saving 168 tonnes of COand provide significant cost savings.

This is just the beginning Ortus and Iceland are now planning the rollout of solar across the food giant’s commercial estate.

‘Iceland’s commitment to this programme has meant that everyone involved in the process has been keen. This has enabled us to roll out the first phase of the project in a way that has seen clean energy, and consequent cost savings, coming online rapidly.  For us this shows that once people make the commitment to utilise renewable energy that transition can come about very quickly.’  Ortus Operations Director Tom Van Mourik

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