Ortus Energy is part of the Integrum Power group, established to identify, finance, develop and operate commercial & industrial renewable energy projects across the UK.

Ortus Energy can offer a fully funded solar energy solution for clients via the Ortus Solar PPA

Ortus Energy specialises in distributed energy projects, saving our clients money on their bills and creating energy security.

We reduce electricity bills for:

  • Businesses
  • Local Authorities
  • Hospitals
  • Educational Establishments
  • Places of Worship
  • and more…

Ortus Energy assess the technical and economic feasibility of solar energy developments to identify the most cost effective and beneficial solution to meet clients’ needs.


Alistair Booth

Managing Director

  • Alistair is an experienced infrastructure developer who has spent 15 years specialising in the renewable energy and low carbon sectors. Alistair is a founder of British American Energy, a US solar finance and development company, and is an investor and board advisor to Smart Power Systems, a global leader in microgrid and electric vehicle infrastructure. In 2018, Alistair created an innovative portal for managing GE Renewable’s aggressive global expansion of solar assets. Alistair has delivered over 300MW of solar assets over 3 continents.
  • Alistair holds a postgraduate qualification in Renewable Energy Enterprise and Management. 
  •  Alistair is a keen cricket player who played at University. He remains active in the sport and serves proudly as a board member for Cumbria County Cricket Club.

Tom van Mourik

Head of Operations

  • Tom is a business operations and project delivery specialist with a keen interest in renewable energy and holistic sustainability.
  • He has a background in Chinese Studies and International Law, having worked abroad in the Corporate Social Responsibility space and charity sector, before moving back to the UK to help launch and scale a number of start-up companies, and consult in the Solar PV space.

Charles Bagshaw

Head of Technical

  • Championing One Planet Living – the need to live within the Earth’s available resources; Charles believes in developing truly sustainable projects that are economically, socially & environmentally sustainable.
  • He has built teams across multiple companies of sustainability specialists & engineers, with clients from both the Public and Private Sector. He was the technical consultant for Home Building Federation and has been for numerous NFP and CICs to PLC Boards to Local Authorities.
  • 40+ Awards nominated or won for projects
  • Technical Energy Lead PLCs & NFPs
  • Technical & Strategic Consultant to Home Building Federation (HBF)
  • Author of New Homes Sustainability Bonus
  • Technical & strategic advisor to Director of top 10 housebuilder
  • Strategic and technical support to ‘big 6’ energy suppliers

Mia Sylvester

Head of Partnerships

  • Has an extensive background in the Solar Energy sector.